People shape your company your company shapes the people it hires- both need to fit.

The current one-dimensional process of identifying potential employees is broken. It wastes time. How many times did a candidate fit perfectly on paper until an interview wasted half of your team’s day?

We focus on understanding the whole candidate. Experience and skill sets, of course. Add in personality type, interpersonal skills and motivational traits and much better fits emerge.

Our ability to find the right match based upon true compatibility saves you time, money and effort.

So, we ask…

  • What are the commonalities within your existing staff?
  • What type of company environment have you created?
  • What are the personal attributes that lead to success in your company?
  • Are current problems production or personality based?

We push you to dig deep and take a critical look at the way things are done every day. We focus on understanding the dynamic between management and employees as well as peer to peer interactions. We ask why things are done a certain way and how past hires conform to that. And yes, we get down to a granular level on the tasks that are required for each and every role. The more we know, the better we understand, the more efficient we will be. And that is how you can Be Smart Early.