We view the hiring process
differently... we just do.

Skill sets and experiences are key pieces of the puzzle. But they comprise less than half the picture. We uncover the values, interests and goals that motivate people to succeed. Successfully matching job seekers and companies involves a deeper understanding of values and vision and requires a trust that everyone is working to the same goal-identifying exceptional compatibility.

Having a partner that understands the deeper traits that ensure compatibility is critical both as a job seeker and as a hiring company. By focusing on these aspects, you will Be Smart Early.


  • We push you to dig deep to answer cultural questions
  • We challenge you understand the traits that make your employees successful
  • We ask that you take a step back and evaluate the whole person

Job Seekers

  • We ask what motivates and challenges you personally and professionally
  • We want to know your skills and what you want to accomplish with them
  • We work with you to determine the right cultural fit